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Building a Collaborative Community

Today I launch my yoga classes at The Collective Offices.

This is a scary and exciting new endeavor. I have put aside my false beliefs that I must follow a specific path to be happy and fulfilled. And the truth is, on that path I was not happy or fulfilled. So I am taking a risk and putting myself out there in a completely different way.

As I study the world of yoga beyond the mat, spirituality beyond the church, and the powers of universal law, my eyes (and my heart) are being open in completely new ways. While that may or may not sound a bit woo-woo to you , stay with me.

When I finally made the concrete decision to leave my job and pursue the path of yoga and wellness full time, it was freeing. I had been thinking there had to be something more meaningful and important I was meant to be doing with my life for quite some time and seriously thinking of ways I could turn my passions into a career for at least the last year. The day after I actually spoke the words out loud to my husband – not in the “oh maybe someday” tone – but in the serious, it’s time tone – I saw a Facebook post for a rental space looking for yoga. I believe it was truly meant to be – I actually told the universe what I wanted – I spoke it aloud and meant it – and the universe delivered. Here it was, exactly what I needed to get started – a space where I could run yoga classes and wellness workshops.

The funny thing is, in speaking with Kristine since, the amazing wonder woman who runs The Collective Offices as well as her own branding and marketing business, she too manifested me. She had the space available for rent for some time, had a few dozen people come to see the space, but nothing was the right fit. She decided to say out loud to the universe exactly what it was she wanted for that space – yoga & wellness – and after posting it on Facebook, little ol’ me sent her an email inquiring about it (almost immediately).

One of the things I love most about The Collective Offices is that it is a community. Even though I haven’t actually started working out of the space on a regular basis, I already feel a part of the family. The other female entrepreneurs that work there have welcomed me with open arms and are so jazzed about my yoga offerings. In fact, they are my first students signed up for classes and I am so grateful. I was there last week to set up a few things and was waiting for a delivery, so I joined Kristine and Lindsie while they worked – we chatted, I worked on some knitting for an upcoming Beginner Workshop, we shared some french fries. It was the same comfortable and welcoming experience I had when I stepped into my yoga teacher training – instant connection and friendship.

As I began to plan and set up my schedule, I become infinitely aware of the unique opportunity that receiving this space truly could mean. Partly from a selfish standpoint of not wanting to teach 50 classes a week and wanting to have the time to knit and do creative things, but also from the standpoint of wanting to support and collaborate with other amazing yoga teachers that I have met on my journey so far. There are so many creative and intelligent people in this community that have ideas bursting from them, but it can be hard to get started and get your ideas out there. So I posted on Facebook looking for teachers trained at Balanced Life Yoga (to ensure they have the same learning experiences and foundations as I have) to connect with teachers looking for an opportunity to start teaching.

My collaborative vision is for my yoga colleagues to create their own classes and workshops from what they are passionate about. Together we will cultivate unique opportunities and offerings for our students and clients. I am so grateful for this opportunity to support and lift up others; I have the opportunity to give them the tools and resources they may need to express their divine creativity in whatever physical form that takes. And I am so excited.

Much love & Namaste.


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