Feeling lost? Unsure of the path your life is taking? Experiencing chronic pain or discomfort? Looking to create a meditation or home yoga practice? Stuck in a dead end career that lacks meaning and passion?

I offer personalized, one-on-one yoga, wellness and mindfulness coaching. There is so much more to yoga than the physical poses (or asana). Studying yoga philosophy and mindfulness, learning about universal law and the energy systems of the body, has given me the tools and mindsets to change my thinking, get a deeper understanding of my purpose in life and work towards healing my depression and anxiety.

How is coaching different than attending a regular yoga class? As a certified and trained yoga instructor, I bring my extensive knowledge and training to the classroom but am limited on how much individualized instruction I can provide. In a yoga & wellness coaching session, I will create a personalized program to assist you in meeting your personal, professional and emotional goals. Not only do you get private yoga instruction geared toward your particular health and fitness goals but we will work on creating daily and weekly wellness and mindfulness practices to build strength and resiliency of the mind.

Not looking for a physical yoga? While I highly recommend beginning a regular yoga practice, I also provide career and personal growth coaching to help you find more meaning and joy in your daily life.

As a coach, my focus is on helping you to unlock your own potential with the support of my expertise and training.

Current Areas of Focus

Women’s Health Issues

Pregnancy, prenatal & postpartum yoga

Career Development & Guidance

Stress, Anxiety & Depression Support

Creating a Regular Yoga & Meditation Practice

Beginner Yoga & Meditation

Typical Program Format

Free Consultation – a 20-30 minute conversation to discuss your needs and goals

4 week yoga program – 60 minutes per week for 4 weeks of personalized, private yoga instruction.

Weekly wellness practices to complete on your own between sessions

At the end of 4 weeks, we will review and discuss next steps.

Email me at or click here to book your free consultation appointment (listed under services).