Practice Self Love this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is upon us and regardless of how you feel about this holiday, one thing we can (hopefully) all agree on is that the majority of us put others first. Our kids, our partners, our friends and family. But, as the saying goes…..

It is so important to take care of yourself first so you can continue to care for your loved ones. It is also important to help your loved ones learn to care for themselves, but that’s a whole other chestnut.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, self love and self care, here are some of my favourite self care practices I use to show myself a little love.

Splurge! Treat yo’ self! Have a 5 star experience!

This doesn’t mean you have to go crazy nuts and spend all your money. It can be as simple as buying the $15 bottle of wine when you usually only spend $10. It could be going out for a fancy dinner when you normally would just visit the local pub. It could mean going to a yoga class when you normally would just stay home and binge true crime documentaries on Netflix. Or a 90 minute massage instead of 60. Whatever would feel like an extra special treat, go for it!

Did you ever watch Parks & Recreation?

Take a bubble bath

When was the last time you took a nice long bath? Without worrying about how long you’re taking…. until your fingers started to wrinkle? Load up those bubbles, grab your candles and a glass of wine, and allow yourself time to just be. Baths not your jam? Even a nice hot shower with a luxurious body wash can feel like a mini trip to the spa.

Those bubbles look delightful

Restorative Yoga

If you’ve never done a restorative yoga class, immediately put down your phone and find one. It is one of my favourite ways to treat my mind and body. Restorative yoga uses props and meditative yoga postures to completely relax the body. By allowing the props to support you, your muscles, tendons and bones don’t have to do all the work and are free to just release and rest. My restorative yoga classes always include soft music, candles, aromatherapy, meditation and sometimes even a bit of Reiki massage. It is truly a treat. If you usually have a more physical yoga practice or fitness routine, restorative yoga can be a nice change of pace.

Restorative child’s pose with some reiki

Go to Sleep!

Our culture seems obsessed with busy, overwhelm and exhaustion. We wear our tired like a badge of honour. Why? If you’re tired, rest. Take a break. And go the f’ to sleep! I often go to bed early… sometimes even at 8 or 8:30 at night. And even after being together for 6 years, my husband will still look at my like I have 3 heads when I announce I am off to bed. Especially if I have the nerve to go to bed early on a Saturday! Early night not your thing… take a nap or sleep in! I know this is hard with little ones but take turns with your partner. Make an agreement that this Saturday or Sunday morning, you will get up early with the kids so they can sleep, in exchange for them doing the same for you next weekend. Or, when your kids take a nap, make sure you do too! How much fun would it be to plan a cozy day at home… make pancakes, watch a movie or play a game, then take a family nap!

Is it nap time yet?

Say no. Do nothing. Feel no guilt.

I’m a bit of an introvert so I really appreciate the opportunity to do nothing. I need that time to refuel my energy. I also have reached the point in my life where if I really don’t want to do something, I won’t. It is okay to set boundaries and say no. You don’t have to please everyone, you don’t have to do everything, and you definitely don’t have to feel guilty about it. Again, it’s taking care of yourself first because otherwise you won’t be able to take care of others.

Not today.

What is your favourite way to practice self care? Let me know in the comments!

Much love !


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