Rent The Lotus Room at The Collective Offices for your next yoga class, wellness workshop or meeting. Space is available hourly and includes the amenities below. The rental fee for The Lotus Room is $35 per hour plus $15 per each additional 30 minutes (i.e. 90 minutes for $50; 2 hours for $65 etc.).

When booking a recurring class or workshop, a $5 discount will be given when booked and paid in full (minimum of 4 occurrences required – i.e. 4 weekly bookings or 4 monthly bookings).

The Lotus Room Amenities include:

  • 10 rectangle bolsters
  • 7 yoga mats
  • 10 meditation cushions
  • 8 fleece blankets
  • 10 cotton restorative blankets (5 black, 5 cream)
  • 20 foam yoga blocks
  • 10 yoga straps
  • 8 yoga therapy balls
  • Cube shelves for student storage
  • Warm overhead lighting on a dimmer
  • Lamp with warm lighting
  • Oscillating fan
  • Flameless candles (please ensure all are turned off when finished)
  • Essential oil diffuser (please empty any water and unplug when finished)
  • Rock salt lamps (please unplug when finished)

The Collective Office Amenities include:

  • 12 metal folding chairs
  • 6 bistro tables
  • 3 folding tables (6 ft)
  • Use of kitchenette (use of water and kettle for coffee & tea; if you use any dishes, please clean and return to where you found them)
  • Free wifi

If you have any questions about booking the space or wish to arrange a tour of the space, please email me